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Merited Favor Safe House at a Glance

Merited Favor Safe House is a safe place to start fresh, to reclaim the life you envisioned. Our safe house is here to provide a new path to individual recently released from treatment facilities, jail/ prison.

Target population for (M F S H) is women recently released from institutions referred by courts and other resource, recognizing the need for structure and secured M F S H works with other organizations off site. We offer our residents the opportunities needed to create a solid and productive foundation for their lives, through programmatic and support service.

Each resident will commit to residing in the safe house for a minimum of 120 days and if program compliant, may stay up to one year.

Merited Favor Safe House program prepares our resident and equips them with the tools that they need for functioning in a healthy and productive manner in society. Merited Favor Safe House can be likened to a dress rehearsal for the scenarios that will come clients way once integrated back into society.


“Kindness is the language which service others hand and hand”